Bench vises are a necessity in any garage or workshop, as they're fundamental to many tasks and help you use a multitude of other tools. There are a lot of great bench vises out there on the market, but choosing the best bench vise isn't always easy due to there being too many to choose from. Bench vises usually don't cost much to buy, but it's still best to read about the different models first so you don't waste your money on something that is low quality. Ultimately what makes the best bench vise for you will come down to your budget, and also what you will be using the vise for.

    Yost LV4


    For those of you that are on a tight budget, this is the best bench vise for you. It's cheap, doesn't hurt the wallet, but it is still a high quality bench vise. It can do all of your needs provided you don't need a bench vise larger than 4 inches.This vise has an O swivel base which makes it easy to rotate the bench vise into any working position - a full 360 degrees. As far as the quality is concerned - this bench vise is top notch. Unlike some similar vises in this price range, this is made of cast iron and is very durable.